About this website

“I have wanted to write a book about English spelling all my life, but the prospect has always scared me.” David Crystal, 2013

Like Professor David Crystal I have always been fascinated but scared of English spelling. It seems so complex, random, and just strange. As a child I could never figure it out, as an adult and an English teacher, I still sometimes struggle. I have researched and read about spelling rules and exceptions, regular spellings, irregular sounds and silent letters, the history of English and the fast pace of change today.

This website is an attempt to introduce spelling through the sounds of English, especially for non-native speakers, and learners of English. I will look at common spellings and the rules, and the exceptions.


About me

I’m a qualified English as a foreign language teacher, and I’ve been teaching since 2008. For my Master’s in Applied Linguistics I wrote my thesis on language teachers’ perceptions of teaching spelling to English learners.

I live in Chiba, Japan with my husband, daughter and an ever increasing amount of craft materials.